When women lead with confidence, their leadership will build stronger, more equitable communities that will transform the world.

The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LOTT)
Fellows Program challenges women-identified individuals to see their role in furthering women’s leadership in all sectors of society. T
he program is designed to develop women’s potential to lead professionally, personally, and in their communities.


The LOTT Fellows Program brings together women from diverse backgrounds to create a collaborative learning environment. 

We believe that women’s leadership is different and necessary.  We bring women together with this belief and work on developing complete, multifaceted leaders, providing skills that can be used both professionally and personally.


Tovah Marek 
Former Fellow and Board Member
Roda Hassan
Former Fellow and Board Member

In the LOTT workshops, I appreciated learning how to define success for myself. 

The importance of identifying my values, and getting tips and advice on ways to make strong first impressions, how to be proactive about seeking advancement opportunities at work, and the importance of advocating for yourself.

Miranda Johnson
Former Mentor and Board Member

I firmly believe that our communities grow stronger when more people feel empowered to lead.


We need women leaders to bring their diverse voices to the table, and as a mentor, I’ve had the opportunity to encourage my fellow to think ‘why not me?

My goals in the LOTT fellowship were to re-energize, gain confidence, step out of my comfort zone, identify my professional goals, and build mutually-beneficial relationships with other LOTT fellows and my mentor.

Today, I am a more assertive leader and more willing to step outside of my comfort zone because of the program.  I am lucky to have had the privilege and opportunity to participate.

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LOTT Workshop_edited

2016 LOTT Workshop at Pollen.