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Available Position: Communications Committee Chair

The Communications Chair will lead the Communications Committee, which is comprised of board members and committee members.

What does this committee do?
The Communications Committee is responsible for the management of all communications, public relations, and social media presence. Responsibilities include management and oversight of the following: 

  • Developing the overall brand tone, a style guide, and set of standards for Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

  • Social media accounts 

  • E-newsletters

  • Developing, editing and proofing content

  • Design work

What is the Communications Chair responsible for?
The Communications Chair is responsible for recruiting Communications Committee members, ensuring the committee is meeting their goals, and preparing reports for the board and Executive committee meetings. 

Experience/qualifications desired: 

The Communications Committee Chair will: 

  • Be experienced with communications (2-3 years of experience)

  • Have an eagerness to keep up with digital trends to reach new supporters, current program participants, and our alumni network

  • Develop brand awareness/creatively amplify content on various social and digital platforms 

  • Create content that reflects LOTT’s voice, values, and mission

  • Monitor social media platforms and maintain content calendar

  • Ensure website and content created for website are up to date

  • Organize and maintain content and develop one “source of truth” for our organization

  • Have familiarity with Google suite 

What does service look like?
The Communications Chair serves on both the Executive Committee and the Communications Committee. 

Meeting times: 

  • The board meets from 6:00 - 8:00pm on the second Tuesday of odd months. 

  • Committees meet monthly for one or one and a half hours, at a time selected by the committee as a whole

  • The Executive Committee meets on the fourth Monday of the month from 6:00-7:00pm in even months.


Our expectations:
We strive to have a diversity of thought, perspective, and experience on our board to best serve our fellows. 

We ask that candidates: 

  • Understand that LOTT is an active, working board that powers a volunteer-run organization. As board and committee members, we give our time, expertise, talent and enthusiasm to make the program happen

  • Possess a commitment to the mission of Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

  • Maintain a willingness to develop, maintain, and build a resource network for Twin Cities women; and to call upon that network to help LOTT meet its goals. 

  • Commit to serve a term of one year (committee) or two years (board), with the possibility for renewal

  • Participate actively in a committee and its projects

  • Have capacity to meet the time requirement of board and committee meetings, review all materials ahead of those meetings

  • Previous community engagement experience preferred but not required

  • Make a personally significant financial contribution to LOTT each fiscal year, through standalone or monthly recurring gifts. We have no minimum contribution requirement. Every gift is helpful and valued.


Board and Committee members can expect that LOTT will:

  • Help Board and Committee members gain valuable leadership experience as a board member of a non-profit organization

  • Nurture and expand your network among Minneapolis-St. Paul Area women

  • Cultivate a transparent, courageous culture where we assume good intent and do what we say we’ll do

  • Celebrate your individual successes and our collective ones as we leverage activity into meaningful community contributions

  • Value diversity in all its forms

  • Provide orientation for new board and committee members

  • Share agendas and materials with you at least 24 hours in advance of any meeting

  • End each meeting with clear expectations of to do’s and assignments before the next meeting

  • Reimburse you for any approved expenses in a timely manner

  • Have a preference for local candidates because a strong Minneapolis-St. Paul Area network is important for the role. Remote committee members will be considered on a case-by-case basis

  • Strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all

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