We ignite women to lead with confidence.

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About LOTT

Women’s leadership training remains an important need in Minnesota and nationwide. Challenges to women’s leadership persist. Twenty years ago there were five women leaders of Fortune 500 Companies; in 2018, there are 24. Eighty-six percent of the people in the political pipeline to state and national executive leadership are men. While women are entering and graduating from college in greater numbers it is not translating into pay equity for women and particularly not for women of color.

Women lead differently than men. Women in politics tend to be more coalition-based and regardless of party affiliation tend to pay attention to issues related to children, education, and domestic policy more often than men. Women leaders in corporations tend to be more corporate-focused and see success and responsible corporate citizenship as part of successful performance, beyond simply individual achievement.


Women in public policy tend to be more able to organize communities around seminal issues. Women’s leadership is essential to balance and ensure broad success of our political institutions, corporations, and communities.

LOTT is primarily implemented through a fellowship program designed to develop women’s potential to lead professionally, personally, and in their communities. The fellowship includes intensive seminars, mentor pairing, networking, and a community engagement project.



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Inclusion Statement


Leaders of Today and Tomorrow values diversity in all its forms. The “all” includes and is not limited to people of every racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, economic, education, immigration, and disability status. We are committed to inclusion and strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all. This is made possible through partnership, training, and clear expectations between board members, committee members, mentors, and workshop facilitators, speakers, and other volunteers.


Leaders of Today and Tomorrow builds an environment where all women have the opportunity to participate in a program that develops their potential to lead professionally, personally, and in their communities.


Leaders of Today and Tomorrow is a professional development program that centers women.  We welcome applications from anyone who would like to participate in a program designed for women. 


We thank Girl Scouts River Valleys and Chief Officers of State Library Agencies for inspiring us to name how we cultivate our community.

Our Partners

Tovah Marek 
Former Fellow and Board Member

My goals in the LOTT fellowship were to re-energize, gain confidence, step out of my comfort zone, identify my professional goals, and build mutually-beneficial relationships with other LOTT fellows and my mentor.

Today, I am a more assertive leader and more willing to step outside of my comfort zone because of the program.  I am lucky to have had the privilege and opportunity to participate.

Roda Hassan
Former Fellow and Board Member

In the LOTT workshops, I appreciated learning how to define success for myself. 

The importance of identifying my values, and getting tips and advice on ways to make strong first impressions, how to be proactive about seeking advancement opportunities at work, and the importance of advocating for yourself.

Miranda Johnson
Former Mentor and Board Member

I firmly believe that our communities grow stronger when more people feel empowered to lead.


We need women leaders to bring their diverse voices to the table, and as a mentor, I’ve had the opportunity to encourage my fellow to think ‘why not me?